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Client Red Flag Words & Phrases

If you hear these red flag words & phrases...Run

Practicing architecture for several years now I have come to realize something profound - Client's say the darn-est things. During the initial conversations with a client, I have, over the years, trained myself to pick up on these red flag words and phrases that have saved me so much professional time and effort.

While being absolutely unbelievable that a human could consult a professional and say these things... one thing is certain...they are hilarious. All of what you are about to read was said to me (in all seriousness), by potential clients. Enjoy!

1 . ''I know everything I need and I have imagined it all in my head... So all you really need to do is listen to me...write it all down...and draw it all up...super simple...and since I have done 70% of your should reduce your fees''


2 . ''My mom has really good taste so she will pick out all the materials / colours / textures...''.

Brilliant Mom. See ya!

3 . ''I know a contractor who can do this for a third of the cost. I will introduce him to you. Since I am offering you a really good contact let's wave off your next stage payment''

Yeah. nah.

4 . ''......I want 15 roofs at different levels and double height Corinthian columns at the entrance to the house...and...''.

I'm terribly sorry, what I was trying to say earlier, before you ranted for 5 minutes about the type of house you wanted, is that we are actually a grocery store, you have the wrong number ...*click*

5 . ''....I have lived in houses all 55 years of my life what makes you think you know more than me about designing one ?''.


6. ''I make decisions and choices super fast... that will save you so much time. You should reduce your fee''.


7. ''My wife's an interior designer. So...''


8. ''I am related to / the son or daughter of <insert name here>. This will be really good exposure for you and you will get many projects in the future. Do this one for free''

With the amount of 'future projects' I have been promised, Elon Musk better watch out.

9. ''I know the project is beyond my budget at this point. I know you have been telling me to reduce my brief to a more realistic requirement. But since customer is king, will you reduce your fees so I can make my house bigger ?''

You can show yourself out. Cheers !

10. ''I don't really need you to be involved in the project. All I need is one of your interns or someone at the back who can help me out. Since you are already paying them I can get it done the way I want (free)''


11. ''My Auntie & Uncle will have a lot of comments to make on the design. They live in Europe so you can learn a lot from them and make the changes''

*at this point.... I*

12. ''Why yes I am doctor, but I know more about construction than your team combined, so I plan on building this myself.... ''

Alright, I'm done

Of course I have taken some poetic liberties when phrasing these quotes out - actually you would be surprised as to how little I had to try to bring any humor into this...absolutely effortless.

I have learned * the hard way* to spot these red flags and avoid getting myself into situations of having to deal with these types of characters. Have any of you come across client's or characters like these at your jobs ? lets talk about it in the comments.



Yes, It's been a long hiatus from the blog (close to an year) and I do apologize for the silence. The truth is, Your Everyday Architect has got to Architect Everyday ya know ? Jokes aside I have been working on a lot more new content for the blog too and hope to be more consistent with it *fingers crossed*.

Cheers my friends !

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Thanks for reading!

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Peace . Love and Architecture

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